Providing fast, understandable and self-service access to decision-ready Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Saven Global helps you improve the speed, scale and agility of your data management through its data warehousing solutions.
We aim to help you lessen data movement and preparation and increase user-friendliness and ease of access.

Saven leads the field in data warehousing and business intelligence solutions through features.

  • Innovative reporting and dashboards
  • In-memory and streaming analytics
  • Mobile and cloud-based applications and tools
  • Tools integrated with social media


Complexities in business management through data organisation


Your data warehousing system with the Business Intelligence solutions offered by Janya Global


Access information and use it in a process of insightful decision-making

Benefits to your Organization

Saven data warehousing and business intelligence solutions improves organisational performance by offering a number of benefits:


Access data and business intelligence through traditional or mobile technology, or via the cloud.


Control data management and analytics from various devices and through the cloud.

Modernize your organisation’s storage and access.


Organise data to reduce movement and duplicates.


Manage historical data storage.
Access complex analytics for data mining.
Maintain real-time access to current, widespread data.

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