Providing fast, understandable and self-service access to decision-ready Business Intelligence.


Saven Global realises the growing trend of book and periodical distribution through mobile technology and devices. Saven Global affirms a proven record of achievement in implementing successful E-learning solutions that keep pace with shifts in format compatibilities.

Saven Global offers multilingual services across different fields of endeavour.

  • Project management for publishing
  • SGML/XML based workflow design and implementation
  • Cross-Media publishing & e-Quality assurance
  • Pre-press & PDF Management
  • Communiqué
  • Legal forms
  • Time-critical data acquisition
  • DTD design, development, and customization
  • Software design and development for E-publishing

Go Global

Manage and distribute compatible information worldwide

Cutting Edge

Take advantage of comprehensive E-learning services designed for publishers, institutions, industries and companies

Publish Better

Simplify publications and conversion for devices


Hassle free design and development of forms & formats


Create, Manage and extend publishing projects with ease

Benefits to your Organization

Saven Global simplifies E-learning by providing a range of technological solutions that present the following advantages:


Provide a vast range of electronic reading devices and operating systems.

Mobility & Simplicity

Simplify e-Book production and conversion for any device.


Keep your apps and programs open to multiple operating systems.

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