Experts in providing organisations with refined Human Capital Management solutions.

HCM Solutions

Saven Global offers specialised software that allows organisations to refine human capital management processes.
Our goal is to facilitate recruitment in organisations by acting in collaboration with existing HR departments, without affecting their current infrastructures.

The success of this consultancy style has led to recognition among IT and HR Managers across various organisations.
Saven Global has built a reputation for providing well-build, apt and specified solutions for managing and collaborating human capital.


The recruitment process for IT and non-IT staff


The sourcing, analysis and screening of potential recruits


Easily schedule interviews and finalise the hiring process


Match talent with function, with impressive results


Create, Manage and extend publishing projects with ease

Benefits to your Organization

Saven Global administrative, time management, payroll, and legal reporting systems allow organisations to recognise the potential in both IT and non-IT recruits. The innovative methodologies employed by Saven Global yield the following benefits:

Increase Compatibility

Ensure solutions are compliant with relevant HCM guidelines, both locally and internationally.

Get Insight

Evaluate employee performance.

Monitor employee contributions.

Improve Recruitment Power

Attract, hire and register new employees.


Align your goals as an employer with those of your new recruits.

Analyse & Act

Get comprehensive data to evaluate and analyse trends. Use data to take correct and measured decisions to improve business.

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